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Insurance agents who specialize in Medicare.
Come Join us at the virtual conference table.

We are local.  Our agents specialize in the North Nevada Medicare Market.

No-Cost Service

There is no cost to you!  Our agents are compensated by the insurance companies.

Phone Appointments

We offer appointments by phone...  when it is convenient for you.

In-Home Appointments

If you prefer, we can do in-home appointmets.  Our agents wear face coverings for your safety.

Online Appointments

Online appointments allow us to show you the plan materials.  We make it easy for you.  All you need is a computer or tablet and an internet connection.

Our Services

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AEP Plan Review

Are you happy with your Plan? During the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP,) we advise all members to review their coverage. Does your Part D still fit your needs. Would you like to see what else is out there? AEP allows us to see all the new plans, and enroll from October 15th to December 7th each year.

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OEP Plan Change

Need a mulligan?  The Medicare Open Enrollment Period (OEP) gives Medicare Advantage Members an opportunity to re-visit their plan choice and the possibility to chose a new plan between Jan 1st and Mar 30th each year. Rules apply, like no more mulligans this year.

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Turning 65 or
New to Medicare

Medicare can be very confusing.  We can help.  We'll go over the Medicare Program, take a look at your providers and prescriptions, and help you determine which Medicare options might be right...  for You.

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New to the Area

North Nevada has a very complicated mix of providers and plans.  We can help you understand which plans work with which doctors, hospitals, and other providers.  Don't worry, most folks find a plan that works well for their situation.

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Medicare Part D

Are you on Original Medicare?  Maybe a Medicare Supplement Plan (MEDIGAP?)   You may want to look only at Stand Alone Part D Prescription Drug Plans...  We'll look at which prescriptions you may be taking and give you a detailed report on what each plan might cost you throughout the year.

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SEP Options

There are a variety of reasons you could be allowed to change plans throughout the year.  We'll help you look at the options to enroll or change plans, that may be available to you, outside AEP.

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Medicare - Medicaid

Finding a provider that accepts both Medicare and Medicaid can be challanging.  Fortunately, there are some options in North Nevada that bring Medicare and Medicaid together...  

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Benefits Checkup

We'll help you find public and private benefits programs and give you information on how to enroll in the programs you may be eligible for.

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